The Labrador Retriever dog was originally bred for being a gracious companion as well as for working and they still perform the both roles well today. Apart from being a congenial human companion, the Labrador Retriever helps hunters, rescue and search teams, and also serves as an assistant for the handicapped.

Regardless of what your dog does, you must be dutiful of its caring and make sure it is kept well-groomed and clean. It is one of the vital parts of keeping your friend healthy and happy.

Fortunately, the Labrador breed is among the easiest breeds when we talk about grooming and cleaning as they have short hair coat, however, you still require to extend a bit effort.

The grooming of your dog includes bathing, brushing, and nail trimming.


Luckily, this breed has dense but short hair-coat. So it is not as difficult to bathe your Labrador as the other breeds dogs. To your surprise, most of the Labrador owners seldom bathe their lab all through the year. However, it does not mean that it does not require bathing at all. You should bathe it quite often and not so frequently as it has the natural protective oil that secretes through it skins as prevention from desiccation and diseases. Hence, frequent washing is likely to wash off that protective lubricant from its skin which can make your dog susceptible to skin and other diseases. Use warm water to the extent which your own skin can withstand.


Though your lab does not require everyday bathing, you should, however, brush its fur more often than not. As this breed is notorious for excessive hair shedding, so as to prevent everyday vacuuming; you have to brush your dog quite often. Especially in autumn and spring when your lab is going to completely shed its hair covering, you are required to brush its fur on daily basis. Otherwise, the shedding fur will not fall off and get stuck in the skin and the lubrication covering and may cause irritation. During normal days, you may brush your dog twice or thrice weekly.

Cleaning the Ears

This breed has long hanging ears that can easily trap water, dirt, ticks, and fleas which cause them ear infections. So you should clean your retriever’s ears quite usually. This should be done when your dog has come back after walking or playing in the mud. Clean the exterior of your dog and spy on the interior as well and if that requires cleaning then clean that too. However, make sure that you do not go enough deep in the ear and if you find any dark matter inside then you probably have to see the vet.

Trimming the Nails

The nails of your dog should be trimmed after every two months. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. You should regularly check if the nails require trimming or not. Too long nails are likely to damage your lab’s skeletal muscles and will have an effect on its gait as the footpad will be broadened. If you have hard-wooden floors and your dog remains inside more then it does not harm it too much if the nails are too long. However, if you have carpeted floors then the nails may get tangled frequently in the carpet fur and cause your dog harm.

Cleaning the Teeth

Idyllically, you should brush your lab’s teeth once daily, however, if you don’t have the time then at least do that twice weekly. Believe it or not, dogs can be susceptible to the dental diseases as much as we are. In bad hygienic conditions, the dental plaque can be incorporated into the blood stream of your dog from where it can lead to the heart and cause heart ailments.

Upkeep of good hygiene and grooming of your Labrador Retriever is important. If you do these things, you’re all set to take him or her to the dog show!!

This article was written by Cesar from dog grooming Thousand Oaks. Cesar has 15 years experience grooming dogs and we want to thank him for contributing this article to our website.

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