The labrador dogs are bred for both a helpful working and a friendly escort. Its breed characteristics include high adaptability and high sensitivity level. It does not well tolerate being alone as it is the dog and human-friendly. It tolerates hot and cold temperature conditions at the intermediate level. It is very friendly and affectionate towards the family, kids, strangers, and other dogs. It sheds hair extensively. Nevertheless, the shedding varies very much in distinct breeds: Some breeds shed hair all the year-round, some shed seasonally, while some shed barely at all. For the neatniks, it is advised to choose the less shedding breed.

Some breeds of Labrador are rough and do not require strict cleaning, others need regular clipping, bathing, and grooming for staying healthy and clean. Consider if you have patience and time for Labrador that require lots of grooming. Some breeds can do well with a sluggish evening stroll in the evening. Others require daily energetic and vigorous exercises; particularly those breeds that are actually bred for the physically demanding tasks like hunting or herding.

Following are some of the brief physical differences between European and American Labrador breeds.

The European Labrador

The European Labrador looks more extensive and substantial with heavier appearance. Bigger built with tub chests and is considerably wider and has more concrete look
It has wider head and better pronounced and more defined stop, with a shorter muzzle and fuller face which further contributes to its more sturdily built appearance
It has more powerful and thicker neck
It has a considerable thicker coat
It has a thicker, wider, and by and large straighter tail
Legs are shorter so it does not stand so tall
It has shorter body

The American Labrador

It has a slimmer, lighter looking body and is built more athletic, finer boned, and lithe. Hence, the American Labrador retriever seem agiler than their European friends
The head is not as wider as the European ones. The face and skull are considerably narrower and the muzzle is longer and more streamlined than the European lab.
It has longer and thinner neck that contributes to its more athletic and lithe look
It has considerably thinner coat
It has thinner and longer tail than the European lab. The tail has a little curl
It has longer and taller legs with the slimmer build that further contribute to their athleticism look

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