You will find several dog breeds trained as guide or service dogs, but generally, the Labrador is by far the most popular. Labrador is one of the best family pet in the world, they are the American kennel club’s number ranked breed, but they do have a lot to offer than just companionship.

For centuries, these great dogs have been used to assist humans. Labrador retrievers are among the most versatile breed you will find; they are brilliant, friendly, and very active, which makes them an excellent family dog and a service dog. Let’s have a quick look at why these amazing dogs make a perfect service dog and what you can expect from them.

Why Labrador Retrievers are perfect service dog

Labrador Physical Traits 

Size and strength are the two most important physical traits when it comes to service dogs, especially when they are required to offer support for someone unable to bend or with a physical disability. Labradors were primarily bred to offer to retrieve and carry items. They are very active, although not hyperactive, but they do have sufficient energy, stamina, and the interest to move around and perform a lot of tasks.

Labrador Temperaments 

Labrador Retrievers brim with affection and enthusiasm. They are well behaved, attentive, and happy most of the time, but they are not always submissive especially when agitated. Even more, they rarely get bored accompanying their human partner
whenever they go; they stick close and remain loyal at all times. They are often friendly to strangers, children, and other animals, but they can have strange protection instincts. Although they are caring, playful, amicable, and devoted dogs, sometimes they tend to be bored which may prompt destructive behavior.

Labrador retrievers Health and care 

Labradors are inherently healthy dogs primarily due to their playful and active personality. This means that they require a great deal of physical and mental stimulation daily. Being a service dog will satisfy many of these needs, but it is also important to consider that they are very active, so consider your physical ability. You need to brush them at least once or twice a week, and sometimes take them for a swim. Their lifespan is 10 to 12 years and may have joint and eye problems at old ages.

Services Labradors performs 

Labradors are strong and sturdy dogs bred to picks things up, carry them around, and handle them to their human partner. Retrieving is not the only task this dog is bred for; it excels at nearly all the tasks set to it.

Assistant dog for the disabled

For a long time, Labrador retrievers have been used as a guide for people with impaired sight, with physical and mental disabilities, thereby, allowing them to live more independent lives. Below are some of the less known but equally important is the range of other tasks these amazing dogs do for people with disabilities;

· Help a disable person undress and dress up; they can even tackle a zip!.

· Open and close a door

· Collect posts

· They can Load and unload a washing machine

· They can press a pedestrian crossing button

· They can help pick up simple items such as the phone, TV remotes, keys, and wallets.

· The dog can reach up to the shop counters with items such as the wallet.

· Labradors have also been known to help a child from running into the road

As you can see, the services Labrador Retrievers can offer are many and varied, but, they are very crucial to helping a disabled person become more independent. The human partner does not have to rely on other people for routine tasks.

Assistance in the armed forces and Law enforcement 

Labradors are highly intelligent and very active; for centuries, they have been used to trace and find lost people. For that reason and many others, they have become prominent members of our armed forces. Over the years, some have been awarded for saving the lives of soldiers and civilians alike. Labradors also play a vital role with the police and allow the drug enforcement department to detect drugs easily. Overall, these dogs are a versatile pet; some private companies actually use them to detect bed bugs and other disturbing insects and animals.

From armed forces to police, to private companies, Labradors have proven to be a valuable pet, but perhaps the most important role is in our homes. They make a perfect partner for disabled people, allowing them to live independent lives. In a nutshell, the Labrador is an amazing and versatile dog.

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