A Labrador retriever is a strong, intelligent, and highly trainable dog breed. Being so, it can contribute to the good of society if it receives proper training. It can hunt, guide, and assist in tracking operations.


Hunting for game is an exceptional example of what a Labrador can do if trained well. It can run after the game as well as root out bushes, allowing a hunter to get a better glimpse of his target. When the game is finally shot, a trained Labrador is able to search for the fallen animal and bring it to the hunter. Aside from facilitating hunting, the dog also serves as a good companion during hunting expeditions.


A Labrador retriever can be a dependable guide dog after receiving proper training. It has an innate tendency to get attached to its owner. This quality makes it a reliable helper for people who are physically handicapped. Blind people need help in navigating their way around the house, whether indoors or outdoors and a trained Labrador can be relied on to do this. It’s a good guide dog that can make life a whole lot easier for a person with a handicap.

Tracking and Rescue

Many search and rescue teams use trained Labradors to assist during operations. Similar to other dog breeds, a Labrador is gifted with a keen sense of smell thus, it can easily track missing persons and even objects through their scent. Police authorities get assistance from Labradors when tracking down criminals who have escaped or in hiding. Trained Labradors can sniff out illegal drugs. These dogs are so intelligent that they can be easily trained to recognize a scent and use this to pursue a person or an object.

There are many ways of training a Labrador retriever and behavior, obedience, and activity training are proven to help equip them with hunting, navigating, and rescue skills.

Behavior training teaches a dog to learn what is acceptable and what’s not to human society. The basics include behaving around people, food training, resisting from biting, running out, chasing, and abstaining from destroying household articles.

Meanwhile, obedience training teaches a dog to follow household and professional dog commands. A dog trained to be obedient will follow verbal instructions under any situation. This is quite important when training a Labrador to be a service dog. It will be easily prompted to execute a command to assist the handicapped, track down harmful drugs, and respond immediately during search operations.

Activity training is geared towards a particular set of activity such as hunting, retrieving, searching, or rescuing. Exposing the dog to sports such as Fly ball, Agility, and Frisbee enhances response time and retrieval skills, as well as physical health.

Training a Labrador retriever to fulfill duties that are useful to society may take some time to achieve. However, once it’s attained, the advantages will far outweigh all the effort put into training this intelligent and admirable dog.

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